Soaked in Gin (jawbreakerfuck) wrote,
Soaked in Gin

dust-clogged vent

I've said it before, but it is true. If I made no attempt to contact my friends, I would never see them or talk to them again. Oh fucking well.

I started a new band in lieu of the fact that Jon is the most unreliable band member in the history of music and Brian being out of the area now. It is noisy metal and very pissed off sounding, at least so far. It is a two piece band, myself on guitar and vocals, Jason Tipton on drums and whatever else occurs. We have already played a show, even before we practiced together. It went okay, even though nobody I knew was there to watch it.

I have absolutely no intentions of ever going to support a friend's band when they play. If a person cannot do this common courtesy to me on the easiest of conditions, then I shall not do so for them.

The reds went from being a contending team to be the worst team in baseball within one month. This is all, of course, after I have been telling people that this year would be "different". Never, and I do mean never, ever, expect a professional sports team from Cincinnati to do well.

I am now going to a Dayton Dragons game. Fuck you all, very much.
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