Soaked in Gin (jawbreakerfuck) wrote,
Soaked in Gin

another vent

I spent so much time trying to make one girl happy without realizing that I was just a rebound guy for her. She lied to me. She lied to me probably more than anybody else that I have ever trusted before. What I did not realize the whole time that I was blindly in love with a heartless girl is this:

1. Never trust the intentions of a pill popper.

2. Never fall in love with a person who is not capable of loving anyone but their own self.

3. Do not believe that you have something in common with somebody just because you have had sex with them.

4. Trusting a person that you really do NOT know is a good way to set yourself up for heartbreak.

5. The other party involved in said relationship in fact never felt anything more than a fleeting moment with you, much akin to that of a high school relationship(only they were not adult enough to admit to their real feelings).

6. Most importantly, never trust a thirty-something single female.

This is not to say that I have no faith in women in general. Quite the contrary, actually. Recently, I've even felt like a human being again. Like a person who may actually be enjoyable.

This is thanks to many of the amazing friends that I have, but mainly to Renee for being there for me. I enjoy her company immensely.

It may be possible that I will end up okay in the end. If you pray, don't waste your breath on me. It seems that God is already watching out for me.
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