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Cincinnati Football

The Cat's moved from fifth to eight place in the BCS polls this week which all but signifies that they will not be a contender for the National Chamionship game. This is fucking bullshit. They should have moved up in the rankings or at least stayed the same. Their back-up quarterback(Collaros) walked into the game with virtually no college football experience, in place of who was in top three contention to get the Heisman trophy this year, and played better than Tony Pike would have if he had been the starter. If anything, this shows how prepared the WHOLE TEAM is to play as hard as they can to win every game that they play. Even if they were the only unbeaten team left in the NCAA, fucking faggot Tim Tebow would still be in the national championship against Alabama and would still win the Heisman. Big bummer for UC football fans, especially considering that the team has done nothing wrong this entire season. They, however, will probably lose to both West Virginia and Pittsburgh. In that event, this whole rant will be negated.

The "Cardiac Cats" are a different story. By any means or standards, this year there was no expectations for the Bengals to do anything but lay down and be fucked in at least ten of the games that they played in. They have already beat their winning record from last year(4-11-1)and this has taken place in only seven games. Chad Johnson(I will not ever refer to him as Ochocinco) has amazing numbers this year. It seems like he is the recipient of every important pass that occurs during each game. More importantly, he is finally backing up his shit talking with some actual football playing. Cedric Benson leads the NFL in rushing yardage. That could not have even been predicted by Nostradomus. Palmer looked okay(okay meaning amazing) last week, but that was it for this season. The Bengals will not make it to the Super Bowl this year, not even the most devoted fan would believe that. They will more likely than likely make to the playoffs though.

Speaking of Cincinnati, I will be living there for at least a couple of weeks starting Sunday.
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Man, I'm changing your nickname to Sports Page. Like, "How's it going, Sportspage?"

What's this Cincinnati jazz? That town sucks.